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Where You Can Go Naked Surfing on Moloka’i

First order of business is the possibility of scoring a little freebie on your way to naked surfing beach, a.k.a Papohaku Beach: Pay attention to the available flight schedules on the smaller, inter-island airlines like Mokulele or Pacific Wings. They sometimes make quick stops in Kalaupapa to pick up mail or the occasional passenger, before continuing on to the main airport. The tiny outpost of Kalaupapa sits at the base of some of the tallest (2,000 feet) sea cliffs in the world, making it nearly inaccessible except by boat or plane. Its “airport” with a handful of chairs and one decrepit payphone against the backdrop of wild green feels like going back in time 100 years.  Very few people in the world get to see this piece of paradise, and you might just plop down here for a brief, free stop.

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