About Marina

You’ll usually find me on Maui, working as a therapist, surfing, writing, or waterfall hunting.

My husband Sam and I live on a green patch of paradise in rural Maui, pouring our hearts and souls into raising our daughter, along with a motley collection of goats, chickens, gardens and fruit trees that collectively we’ve donned Kolohe Farm. (Kolohe is Hawaiian for rascal, because we all are).

Pictured below is a photo from our first trip together in Sri Lanka.

I did a homestay with a Guatemalan family as soon as I graduated the eighth grade and haven’t stopped traveling since, having hit every continent except the frozen one. I love new, strange and beautiful adventures and I’ll try anything twice. It took me 8 years but I eventually got a degree in Ecological Agriculture from The Evergreen State College. I co-founded a small organic farm and a heavy equipment/land clearing business, but withdrew from both to pursue my dream of being a full-time travel blogger, writer and author.

Ivy Kaller and I published the book Method Writing With the Collective Underground which is available on Amazon. It reflects years of writing away in Ivy’s Method Writing group that is open to the public here on Maui. Method Writing, a style of developing the creative muscles, was founded by Jack Grapes, taking inspiration from Method Acting. Method Actors include Robert DeNiro, Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, Sean Penn and Nicholas Cage. The basic tenets of Method Writing are coming to the page empty- no witty thoughts ready to pounce- and writing from the deep voice. It’s about writing the way you’d talk to a friend, showing instead of telling and “following the thing.” This means not sticking to a story or even having to finish a sentence. It’s about being open to inspiration and being willing to be surprised.

I am currently finishing The Boat Cleaner’s Daughter, a memoir.

I have written for Ke Ola Magazine,

Maui Mama,

and Kidzart Official Blog.


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