This is Culture: Best/Weirdest Signs in the US

Sure, we have a bathroom round back. (Ozarks)

Stop! And wait for you food. At Bollywood Theater, really tasty Indian food. (Portland)

Everyone should work in a restaurant at some point in their life. Just saying. (Ozarks)

Ah shit Swirl of Squirrel or Rigor Mortis Tortoise? (Low Gap, Arkansas)

God is a Pirate. (Jasper, Arkansas)

Nuthin like redneck humor falling flat. (Arkansas, the middle part that sucks)

Clearly times have changed. (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

They just said it all, I got nothing. (Selma, Oregon)

Sometimes it’s just like that. (Smith River, California)

Aren’t you just dying to go on this hike now? (Lassen National Park, California)

Now that was deep. (Nowhere, Utah)

Beacause Oklahoma cares.

Earthships. (Near Taos, New Mexico)

(Low Gap, Arkansas)

This one’s for Ivy. Because I know she’ll read this far. (Low Gap, Arkansas)

This one’s for Ivy too but just because I love her. (Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia)



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  1. Catherine Velasquez

    funny these.
    I have been to bumpass creek when i was little, and two weeks ago i was cruising the blue ridge parkway in N.C!!
    thanks for your writing, looking forward to Tuesdays with you at the collective xx

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